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About Our School

The True Meaning of Martial Arts

Hi there,

When I first saw martial arts, I thought it was cool and wanted to learn some of the neat tricks to show off around my friends. Those flashy moves in the movies are really something to see when you're a kid!

As I grew older and trained, I learned it was a powerful tool for self-defense and fitness as well. I grew stronger, faster, and more capable of protecting myself and my loved ones. I also got one heck of a workout too.

But as I dove deeper into my training, I realized something else was happening to me.

I was growing as a person and changing on the inside in ways that were hard to explain.

Without even realizing it, I'd almost become a completely different person. I was still "me"... but I felt like a "better" version of me.

I paid more attention to the people around me and was becoming less selfish. I was way more focused, and able to work hard to achieve my goals.

My self-esteem was through the roof and after class I would feel a huge confidence boost! This gave me faith that I could handle any challenge or obstacle life threw my way.

One of the most profound changes I felt was how much more respectful I was. I realized how much the most important things to me in life, like family and personal health, were being put last on the priority list. And I finally felt like I had the power to change that!

A wise man once said that as a child, he dreamed of changing the world. But as he grew older and wiser, he discovered the world wouldn't change. So, as he grew older, he decided to just focus on his country. But he found that his county, too, would not change.

He grew even older and wiser, and decided to focus only on his family. But they too could not be changed.

Finally, on his death bed, he realized that he only needed to change himself first.

Had he done so, he would have been a glowing, inspiring example for his family, and they would have changed. Then, others would be inspired by them, and who knows, maybe, in turn, he would have truly changed the world.

About New Hartford Martial Arts

In martial arts, you are always working on yourself. You becoming fitter, stronger, and a master of self-defense...

You also become a better person, too.

That's the true, life-changing gift of martial arts, that both children AND adults experience.

Get started today, it’s easy and we'd love to have you. Simply click on any of our programs above, and sign up for one of our amazing web specials right on the website.

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Looking forward to helping you get started on your path to a better you!

Leonard Sonia , Founder

Dojo 1 Martial Arts Academy

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Are you looking for special classes where you can learn powerful submission and grappling techniques? You've found them. Plus: We'll get you into great shape! Our New Hartford Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) class is what you could be missing...truly friendly, action packed and suitable for all levels.

Our instructors are friendly and passionate and they will help you to tone your body fast. You will learn great Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques so you can handle yourself at standing up position or even if you're on your back.

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Kids Martial Arts

Kids of all ages as well as their parents love these New Hartford kids martial arts classes. That's because they focus beyond martial arts. Kids are taught self-discipline and respect as well as focus and confidence. The kids are better-behaved everywhere they go, their sense of respect improves and they perform better in school.

Our classes are result-focused and there are an array of fun activities and games for kids of all ages. Every age is perfectly catered for and the kids love these classes as they perfect their martial arts techniques and learn new ones.

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Muay Thai

Muay Thai's roots are said to come from ancient Thai kickboxing that's been passed down from generation to generation. In the late 1800s and early 1900s the martial art underwent dramatic change with Thailand's exposure to British boxing.

Witness the speed and power of the British, they merged those techniques with their own to form the powerful art we know as Muay Thai and teach in every one of our New Hartford Muay Thai classes.

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